Top BlackBerry 10 Apps & Games for February 19

App WednesdayAnother week of the top apps and games for BlackBerry 10 devices, February 19th edition powered by BlackBerry. While it has been a busy media week for us we can’t forget that apps and games are still getting submitted to BlackBerry World everyday, check out the premium apps and highlights below.

Highlights of the Week:

The new Wikipedia for the BlackBerry smartphone app combines the vast content of Wikipedia with the smooth BlackBerry 10 experience. Use the app to search Wikipedia via BlackBerry 10 Universal Search, save articles and access them offline, share complete articles or shortcuts to specific sections, view feature articles and top news in the active frame, and much more. Head over to BlackBerry World today to check out BlackBerry’s latest native app!

 Now Available on BlackBerry 10: 




Navigation & Travel:

Here are the top ‘must-haves’ apps according to our BlackBerry developers:

  1. Book-zy ( “Book-zy is a great way to organize, sort, and view the books from your virtual bookshelf. With its beautiful, native user interface, it makes it very simple to view your books. Just scroll through your entire bookshelf, or simply enter the book title, author or ISBN. Book-zy automatically stores and sorts everything you read.” 
  1. The Plumber Pro (GameVNS) “This classic game adapted to modern touch devices will provide hours of gameplay!” 
  1. Six-Guns (Gameloft Inc) “Discover 40 missions spread across Arizona and Oregon in this vast and open frontier Wild West game.”

For a look at all BlackBerry 10 apps, head to BlackBerry World.