Tips for hiring a trucking company for moving your office

Are you planning to move your office? No doubt moving your office requires planning in-advance. To move your office equipment and furniture, you need to hire reliable Commercial movers.

If you are moving your office soon and are looking to hire a professional moving company, here are a few tips to help you:


When you are on the lookout for a commercial moving company, it is a good idea to ask around. Referrals from friends and family are helpful and can give you an idea about how commercial movers operate and the quality of services they offer. The experience of the moving company matters a lot, especially for commercial movers. Hence, you can get an idea about the experience of the movers through reviews and referrals.


Before hiring commercial movers, you must reach out to a couple of moving companies. Ask them to provide you with an estimate for moving your office. Most movers offer a free quotation. The cost depends on the volume of items, the number of boxes, distance to the new office, etc.  

When you select a moving company, make sure that you get the cost in written format. Also, ask the movers about any hidden charges that you may not know. 


Most commercial moving companies also offer packing and unpacking services. These services can be of great help if you have a large office space. Moving companies are equipped with the necessary skills and manpower to pack your items with care. 


When searching for a commercial mover, you may come across various companies. It is a good practice to compare a couple of moving companies before making your decision. The price is an essential factor to consider when hiring. Likewise, you must compare the quality of services offered by the movers. 

Most moving companies have a website where you can check out reviews by previous customers. These reviews can give you an idea about the movers.


There are several ways that you can make sure that a moving company is reliable. Firstly, check if they are licensed and registered. In addition to this, a moving company must have a USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) number. 

Each year the moving company is required to renew its USDOT number. You can view the record of a moving company on the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) official website. To do so, enter the USDOT number of the moving company. Check this link for more information.

Insurance coverage

Make sure that the moving company you hire has insurance. Accidents happen all the time. It is quite common for office equipment to sustain damages during a move. Hence, it makes the moving company liable for the damages. Moving companies usually have General Liability Insurance to cover damages to a customer’s property. Reliable movers will gladly give you a copy of their Certificate of Insurance. For more information regarding the various types of moving insurance, visit this link.


Before finalizing the deal with a moving company, you will need to sign a contract. Read through all the terms before you sign it. There may be additional charges in the contract that you may not be aware of. If you do not understand the terms, ask the movers to explain them to you.


Make an inventory of all the items that are packed and shipped. Also, make a list of items in each packing box. A professional moving company will do this for you. In case you do not get an inventory list from your mover, you should have one just in case. Label the boxes to keep track of all the office items. 


After you sign the contract with the moving company, you will have to deposit a certain amount of money. Do not pay the amount in full. Instead, pay a fraction of the amount and the rest when your consignment is delivered.


Hiring commercial movers can help ease some of the stress that comes with moving to a new office. Moreover, with professional movers, you do not have to worry about safely packing and transporting the office equipment. Hence, hiring a commercial moving company is of benefit, given that they are experienced and know how to do their job.