Timber for BlackBery 10 brings native Tinder fun for all BlackBerry 10 users


You might have heard of the latest app craze “Tinder”, you might also be aware that the folks at Tinder haven’t brought the app over to BlackBerry 10. That hasn’t stopped Nemory Studious though: Timber, the native, BlackBerry 10 app arrives for the general public and it brings along all the Tinder fun for your BlackBerry 10 device. 

The app is quite simple, you’re presented with images of someone who lives close to you and you swipe to your left if you’re interested or swipe to your right if you’re not. It’s simply an app to meet people who live close to you and gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people.

The app had been in beta development for some time, but nontheless, thanks to Nemory, BlackBerry 10 users wishing to use Tinder can now do so, natively. Timber provides all, if not most features you would find on the official, in house app. The app also received an update shortly after its first public release.

*** v1.1 CHANGES ****

  • Shows Distance when viewing Profile
  • Fixed Please Restart Dialog Bug
  • Fixed Updating Profile Reflects right away
  • Cleaned Up About Screen
  • Added Request Existing Purchase Button in Settings
  • Fixed Miles – Meters – Miles Conversion
  • Fixed Saving Setting sBug
  • View Profile in Chats
  • Set Discoverable
  • View Photos in Full Screen
  • Save Profile Photos to SD Card
  • Fixed Most of the errors
  • Set Fake Location
  • Added Hub Notification for New Matches
  • Added Delete Account Button


  • Ability to Skip
  • Supports all BlackBerry 10 Devices
  • Battery Friendly
  • Super Smooth Transitions and Animations
  • Super Beautifully Designed User Interface
  • Attach and Send Files in Chat
  • Like and Pass People
  • Send Chat Messages
  • Receive a It’s a Match Popup Notification
  • Update Profile
  • Send SnapChats / Snap2Chat Integration
  • Send Voice Notes
  • Send your location
  • Send Emojis/Emoticons
  • Send any type of files powered by DropBox

The app is free and if you wish to get rid of the ads, that will cost you $1.99/£1.50. If you’re eager to stay in the loop of all the latest updates, you can participate in the development of the app on BlackBerry Beta Zone, providing beta slots are open.

Download Timber for BlackBerry 10