The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Game for BlackBerry

Twilight fans get in vampire mode with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Game for BlackBerry. The game is out for for download throught the BlackBerry Appworld and is made by Gamehouse. There is great flexibility with this game because this application supports all devices. The popular Twilight game sells for $6.99, and can be picked up at this link >>> Twilight for BlackBerry


AppWorld Description

Here’s your chance to show off how well you know Eclipse, and to relive all of your favorite moments from the film. Simply choose your favorite Twilight character, including Bella, Edward, Alice or Jacob, and play alone or against friends in thrilling contests. Find out who is the biggest Twilighter! Compete for the highest score by answering hundreds of fascinating and insightful questions, some of which are easy, and others that will challenge how big a Fanpire you really are. Try two modes for yourself, including the daunting Survival mode, or play with up to four contestants using pass and play. Win trophies, refresh your Eclipse knowledge, and prepare for Breaking Dawn. Immerse yourself and your friends in the full Twilight Saga experience!

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