The Search For Protection Perfection Part 3 – Tech Armor Four Way Privacy Protector

Tech Armor Privacy 1For the third (and much delayed) installment of my SFPP journey, I have stumbled upon yet another Tech Armor product. Let me just preface this with the fact that I’ve been waiting to review a privacy screen protector for quite some time. Before you continue to read this, make sure you enter to win a FREE Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector 3-Pack and make sure you read my review on the HD Clear and Matte Screen Protectors from Tech Armor as well! 

Since it’s been a while in between my reviews (sorry!) here’s another recap of how I score the products:

  1. Coverage
  2. Durability
  3. Efficiency vs. Bulk
  4. Value

Tech Armor Privacy 2

The packaging on this protector falls in line with Tech Armor quality. Instead of coming in a 3 pack, like the Matte and HD Clear protectors, the 4-Way Privacy Screen Protector for the BlackBerry Z10 comes in a single pack and the Tech Armor Lifetime Warranty. Installing this was a breeze, even easier than the Clear and Matte versions – and installs bubble free, if you are in a “clean-ish” room, with little dust. Just align the protector with the flat edge of your phone closest to the BlackBerry branding, and just let it do it’s thing. Using the included cardboard card, smooth away the bubbles and you’re set!

Coverage (9/10)

Tech Armor Privacy 3

Jumping right into coverage. The protector we have here is one that is supposed to provide privacy from 4 different viewing angles. Before even putting it on, I notice the darker tint on this than any other protector I have installed before. Being my first privacy screen protector, I didn’t really know what to expect.

Tech Armor Privacy 4

After installing it, I began to swivel it around. *side note* I usually keep my screen at 50% brightness. At about a 15 degree angle I started to notice a change in the brightness of my screen. So I knew it was working. At 45 degrees, I can barely read what is on my screen, and at 90 degrees it looks as if my phone is off. (My screen WAS on when these pictures were taken)

Tech Armor Privacy 5

Over dinner last night, I was trying to show a friend some pictures and had forgotten I just installed the protector on my phone. It was funny, because he looked over to check out the picture and couldn’t really see it. It’s easy to forget that this is on your phone, and sometimes a bother when trying to show someone a video or pictures. However, that is just a testament as to how well it does it’s job. These screen protectors aren’t for everyone, so be forewarned. A good way around this is to turn up your brightness, but I know how some people don’t want the repercussion of battery drain.

Durability (10/10)

This protector is not only a privacy screen protector, but it is thicker than most – leaving a noticeable 1/8″ of a lip over the bottom bezel of the device. It’s not bad at all and I actually find it comforting. I’ve had screen protectors that have refused to come off because they were absolutely FLUSH with the trim of the device. It’s not bothersome, but it reminds you it is present.

Tech Armor Matte Damaged

With that being said, I have recently damaged my Tech Armor Matte protector (shown above) whilst cutting some copper pipe (landed sharp end down, on top of my phone). I absolutely LOVED this protector. But to my surprise, my screen escaped unscathed. My protector, however, had taken the brunt of the damage.

Now the Matte protector isn’t as thick, so I’d imagine the privacy screen protector would hold up really well in terms of having a knife or other sharp object (like a freshly cut copper pipe) falling or abrading your screen. I wouldn’t worry about this. Nor would I worry about scratches. This one seems a bit more durable all around.

Efficiency vs. Bulk (9/10)



Tech Armor Privacy 6

The coverage on this protector is pretty great. It’s not too bulky (you can kind of see the raised edges in the picture above), but if you have a form fitting case, it might give you some resistance. With my Z10, rocking a Sedio Surface case, it was very very snug. But it fit. So you may have an issue, or you may not. I doubt it would prohibit your device from fitting into your favorite case, but do note that it adds a tiny (about 1/8″) amount of thickness to your device on the horizontal plane.

Value (10/10)

At $4.95/each these come in a bit higher than the Tech Armor 3-packs at $3.95, but if your privacy is of concern to you – riding the bus, train, or while playing Angry Birds Space in the conference room during a company meeting (done and done) – this screen protector works incredibly well. The 4-Way Privacy is key for the bright screen on the Z10, and it keeps those pesky neighbors out of your “yard”.

Remember, Lifetime Replacement Warranty through our friends at Tech Armor is some serious insurance against any issue you might encounter with your protector; and that alone, adds value for someone who goes through screen protectors like toilet paper, like me.

Don’t waste any time with chancing your privacy to a naked screen. Stop by the TechArmor website to purchase yours today – or stay tuned to the blogs here at BlackBerry Empire for a chance to win some more Tech Armor goodies, with another giveaway, later on this week!