The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently released an app FEMA, just in time to survive #HurricaneSandy

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, recently release this possibly life saving app for BlackBerry Smartphone users. FEMA version 1.1 brings you features like an “Are you prepared?”, “Are you a disaster survivor?” sections. As well as sections for Maps, Blogs, Getting involved, and staying connected. This is one app every Incident Commander, Emergency Manager, Emergency Personnel, or a concerned citizens that would like to be prepared for whenever a disaster strikes. Click below for more on this great app.


FEMA brings you an easy to navigate app, making it ideal for any level of BlackBerry Smartphone users. The section “Are you prepared?” contains disaster safety tips for every type of disaster imaginable, with a what to do before, during and after disaster section, explains tips on how to handle anything from wild fires to Floods to Hurricanes. This section also contains a Emergency Kit part to it, that allows you to edit the items that you may need to keep handy in any type of disaster.

The amazing thing about this app, it also has several ways to apply for assistance from FEMA if you are a disaster survivor. Applying for assistance from FEMA has never been easier.

The maps included in the FEMA App include locations of Shelters and Disaster Recovery Centers. This is extremely important feature for those encountering a disaster such as the East Coast is experiencing with Hurricane Sandy. It may also be handy for an Incident Commander or Emergency Personnel to be able to direct citizens to the areas of safety.

When a disaster strikes, there could be little to no advance notice and also the uncertainty that comes with Extreme Disasters. FEMA attempts to help out Emergency Personnel and really reaches out to the public with this App, in attempts to make sure everyone has a chance to prepare themselves from what a disaster may bring. The App also sports a Blog Section and a Get Involved section where you can Volunteer or Donate in those areas in need. I ran into this App a few days ago, I am part of the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and participate in a State-Wide  Public Works Action Response Team in Texas, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw this App in App World. The best way to protect yourself from being affected by a disaster is to BE PREPARED!!

You can download the FEMA APP and BE PREPARED HERE!!

You can also following @fema on Twitter

*** A special prayer goes out to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast from BlackBerry Empire.