The countdown begins with TargetDate a cool little app from ToySoft

Ever had something to look forward to and wanted to keep track of how many days until it was going to happen? I’m sure you have. We all have. Could be that next vacation, or a wedding (maybe yours!) or a test coming up…anything. Well, with TargetDate by ToySoft, you can do just that. And best of all, you can have a notification on your home screen count down the days!
It’s simple to use and is a great little tool to have. Let’s have a look at it…

Add Target Date Screen

When you install and open the app, you will see a simple screen where you can start to add in your events. Click the top add a new target date and you will come to the second screen. It’s pretty self explanatory – enter your event name and the target date. And then, choose your icon that will appear on your app screen with the days showing, as well as on your home screen! You can select from many cute little icons included in the app by selecting icon type, and scrolling through the drop down menu. What’s cool is that you can actually see a preview of the icon, not just the name.

Of course if you want to be creative, go ahead and make and add your own. You need 2 icons, one large in 73x73pix called myicon.png and a small icon in 32x32pix called myicon_small.png. Place both these icons in a new folder (call it whatever you want) on your media card in the blackberry directory. Once done, come back to the app, click new icon, and it will take you to your sd card where then you can navigate to the folder you created and select the icon you want. Note, you need to select the large icon only. Hit save and in a few moments, the icon will appear on your home screen and app screen.


You can also click the attributes tab to choose font color, text etc, and the notification tab to set your alerts and notifications as well.
You can add multiple entries (up to 16), and all the targets will appear on your app screen. So far however, only your first event will show on our home screen notification bar (but you can set them to rotate). Another feature that is a must have is a backup/restore. Comes in handy for all those OS upgrades 🙂

3 Target Date icons showing on home screen

Is this app worth it? Yes. For $2 you get a countdown reminder on your phone with it’s own little icon and you can customize to boot. Sure you can use the calendar. But it doesn’t t countdown the days and give you something to look forward to as the days dwindle down!

I have to mention a good friend of mine, Elizabeth2 (from Crackberry). She got me onto this app and has also worked with the developers on tweaking the app so it’s more user friendly, as well as creating a whole bunch of new icons that ToySoft added to the app itself. Also thanks to Elizabeth for the screenshot outlining the steps to add new icons, and to Jaydee for showing the target icons on her app screen!

New icons will be added all the time so watch for updates! Get TargetDate now at the BBE Store or AppWorld now and start the countdown!