The Beach and Matching BlackBerry Apps

I’m on my way to the beach and I thought I’d stop by and say hello to everyone. My Torch treats me well and so does my fiancée. The truth behind the post is to give you a quick list of apps to get you and your BlackBerry ready for Spring and Summer.

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Depending on what carrier you may want to invest in, an app that gives turn by turn navigation is nice to have. I don’t need turn by turn myself, I just use AT&T® navigation Powered by Bing® or  Google Maps to get from place to place. These apps are important for those long travels for vacation and seemingly endless “business trips” to the beach.

If you’ll be flying a lot, try BlackBerry Travel. It’s a great app that helps you manage flight coordination and it may come in handy when you’re racking up on frequent flyer miles. Flixster may be a good idea for those who love the theater in the Summer and Spring. These are usually the times when the box office stocks up on great films.

Pandora may be a great app for those moments when you’re private music collection doesn’t cut it.Imagine laying on the beach with friends and you need a good set of tunes to set the mood, Pandora could easily assist you with such an issue. Lastly I think Poynt, Yelp or Foursquare may be good ideas for dining on the go.

Each of these applications can you help you find restaurants in an area you may not be familiar with. The locals normally check-in on a regular basis to review popular eateries. These apps are great for the job, bon appetite(french spell check?). Each app mentioned above can be found in the App World for the price of free. You must be a user of that carrier to download carrier specific GPS apps. I hope these apps can be of some use to you; they are great for me! Later…