Tempus Fugit: a New BlackBerry Theme by Themerazz

A new themer on the BlackBerry theme scene, Themerazz, has issued another 99xx theme called Tempus Fugit. The term is Latin for time flies and with one look at this gorgeously clean and simple home screen, you can see why the name is perfect. The clean lines of this design accentuate the clock (which admittedly looks better in 24 hour mode).

Tempus Fugit home screen with user wallpaper

Another feature of the home screen is the notification bar which allows for any number of indicators. Some themes allow only 2 or 3, Tempus Fugit allows as  many as are needed. The date appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. All the meters  are clustered in the lower left-hand corner. Simplicity with clean lines.

Tempus Fugit with user wallpaper

Please note that this theme is a custom theme, which means that the folders open but do not show any icons within. The menus are opaque with the default blue highlight. The developer has been very responsive to requests for a larger size font and has adjusted this one to be extremely functional. Here is a screen shot of the menu for anyone who needs to see font size.

Tempus Fugit menu on app screen

The theme is very simple but elegant. Everything is easy to see, no crazy keystrokes to remember, nothing to show and hide.  Tempus Fugit is a delightfully simple and clean and shows off almost any wallpaper you have.

Tempus Fugit with user wallpaper and BeWeather

Purchase your copy of Tempus Fugit by Themerazz at Mybbota here for $1.99. Available NOW for 99xx, 9810 and coming for other devices. Clean and elegant, Tempus Fugit adds style to your BlackBerry phone simply. Remember: time flies. Don’t delay! Purchase your copy of this theme TODAY!

Tempus Fugit with user wallpaper and BeWeather