Spice Up Your BlackBerry with Something Blue- a theme by DSB Design

Need to add some spice to your BlackBerry? Who doesn’t at this time of year? Nearly to Thanksgiving and far away from Christmas, things can get a little boring. Give your Berry a new look with Something Blue by DSB Design. This theme is extremely wallpaper-friendly and has a super built-in icon dock that saves your thumb!

Default home screen of Something Blue

Something Blue is a nifty little theme. It has a clean look to the home screen. The upper banner comtains a dock of fixed icons. The icons are Messages, Calendar, Memos, Tasks and Options. Even if you don’t use most of these (I don’t), the icons are so tiny that they are very unobtrusive. If you do use them, you can easily see which you have chosen because the focus icon is blue over the white icon. The battery indicator and signal meter round out the upper banner.

Something Blue home screen with user wallpaper

The very neat feature about this theme is that the icon dock on the lower half of the screen is use customizable and it is hide-able. Use the Space bar to show and ESC to hide. Another feature that some themes lack is an OCD slot. I like it placed near the top of the screen.

Something Blue with icon dock visible

The app screen is a gradient grey with a blue focus icon. The fonts are also set by the user. This theme is simple and elegant. You will enjoy the wide-open view of the wallpaper and the OCD slot all packaged in a classy design.

Something Blue with user wallpaper

Purchase Something Blue at Mobihand (while you still can!) for the sale price of $0.99.

And while you are there, check out the other cute themes by DSB Design. You will get the little spice you need to carry you through the holiday season. Don’t be blue, do Something Blue!

Something Blue with user wallpaper