SnapLoad – A 1-click Windows app to download & install Snap (Google Play Store client) on BlackBerry 10

SnapLoadWhile we have an extensive, detailed guide on how-to sideload Google Play Store client Snap onto your BlackBerry 10 device, the dev named WeirdTurtleMan has created a simple Windows version app of a previous installer that makes it easy to install Snap with one click.

Basically you plug in your device via USB to your computer and press the install button, it’ll do all the work.

Instructions below:

Download SnapLoad here

There is a readme guide that the dev put into the zip folder but I list them out here:

Please follow these steps before you start:

1. Connect your BlackBerry device to the computer via USB
2. On your device go to Settings
3. Go to Security and Privacy and then Development Mode
4. Enable Development Mode
5. Set a Device Password
6. Remember the IP address

If you have questions, requests, or stumbled upon a bug please find me on
the BlackBerry Empire forum (