Snap2Chat for BlackBerry 10 updated on BlackBerry Beta Zone


Snap2Chat, the third party, native Snapchat client for BlackBerry 10 has received yet another update on the BlackBerry Beta Zone app for BlackBerry 10 users. Changes included in this build include the following:

  • New updated graphics/icons
  • Blocks Video Attachments (since most external recorded videos will be more than 1M)
  • Enabled “hide deleted friends” by default
  • Fixed another code that crashes the app on start
  • Best friends limit minimum set to 3, just like the official client

If you already have the app installed from Beta Zone, you will be able to update the app and if you’re lucky enough to receive a beta zone ticket to download the app, download it and let the developer know how this build is!

Download BlackBerry Beta Zone