Set Your Heart (and BlackBerry) A Flutter with AquaText PINK Theme by Simple Design

Building on the success of the AquaText theme, Simple Design has tweaked the theme to reflect a girly pink Valentine’s Day theme that will make your heart race.

AquaText pink with user wallpaper

This theme has everything you need right up front. All your meters and indicators are in the lower left-hand corner. There is an OCD slot on the right. And the text menu at the top turns on and off with the Space bar and ESC.

AquaText Pink with user wallpaper

The text dock is very handy to use and makes this theme easy to use with one handed action. If there’ s anything that annoys me more, it’s having to use two hands on the keys with get to your dock. Not so here.

Take a look at the app screen and menu colors. Pink, candy-flavored and girly. Love it!!!

AquaText pink app screen
Aquatext Pink menu and highlights

Have you seen enough pink to know you NEED to have this theme? If you are a lover, a heart lover, a pink lover and a person who likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day…what are you waiting for???

AquaText Pink with user wallpaper

Get your copy of this fantastic theme which is both beautiful and functional at our BBE Store here. The theme is available for $2.99.

AquaText Pink with user wallpaper