ScreenShare for BBM

Have you ever felt the need to share something that is up on your BlackBerry screen immediately with your BBM contacts? Because If you have, you are in for a treat! With BBM Screen share application you can send a screenshot of your BlackBerry smartphone to any of your BlackBerry Messenger contact in a flash! With integrated BBM, sharing is made more easier and painless than ever.

The application not only helps you share your screen right away, but also enables you to capture the screen and save it on your mobile seamlessly from within the application. If you find this application too good to resist, you can even suggest the application for your BBM friend to download by sending then in-app chat download requests.

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We have enabled in-app BBM chat so that you don’t have to quit your application to check in on your close pal. What else? Let the whole world know what you are you are up to with option to change your Personal BBM message and status message from with-in th app.

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