S4BB Limited submits an additional 138,792 Apps to BlackBerry World


Yeah, it’s no other than BlackBerry’s favourite developer, S4BB. If you thought the S4BB Team had stopped at 40k previously, well, you thought wrong.

In a press release on their website, S4BB claims to continue to serve nice customers with additional 138,792 apps to BlackBerry World. Not only that, the company is now offering free guides to each of their already submitted City Guide apps, offering nightlife and dining reference tools.

Whilst this is a good incentive to get people to download their city guides and to see what S4BB itself has to offer, it’s no doubt that this will be viewed as a good and a bad thing for the BlackBerry ecosystem. One could argue that the more, the better, but on the other hand, one could argue it’s more about the quality over quantity and 138k+ City Guide apps is screaming quantity and not so much quality.

However, you cannot discredit S4BB Limited for the time and effort in actually developing the applications for BlackBerry, whether or not they get downloaded, if one person makes good use out of it then that particular app has proved a good service to them on their device and that wouldn’t be possible without the developer and or the manufacturer, BlackBerry.

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Source: Press Release