RIM Q4 and Year End Results 2012 – BlackBerry Empire Radio

The rebroadcast of the Research In Motion Q4 and Year End Results is now available via BlackBerry Empire Radio.


  • RIM CEO Thorston Heins very positive, RIM will refocus on Enterprise Business, admits they were late in “Bring Own Device Movement”
  • Will be going after target consumer segments, will be scaling and refocusing on BBM, security and manageability.
  • Will not continue consumer focused market penetration.
  • Sold 4o million entry level BlackBerry Curves in market, recognize that competitors doing same (putting entry level phones in market)
  • New BB7 devices coming out in next few weeks.
  • OS10 will be released on time.
  • OS10 has been seen by Heins, impressed by UI and other features.

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