RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis Ends Interview Early

Whether you are or aren’t aware of the media triumphs and tribulations Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis has had in the past, he’s recently taken things to a new level. During an interview with the BBC Mike L. stormed off angrily when questioned about Research in Motion’s recent run in with a security issue in the Middle East:

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room chilled, Mr. Lazaridis told me my question was unfair, and his PR executive informed us that the interview was over. We were there, apparently, to discuss the new product and nothing else.

Despite the rumors circulating this incident and whether or not it may put even more of a cloud of doubt surrounding the alleged security issues in the United Arab Emirates, it must be noted that Lazaridis had been pushed towards answering questions he did not agree to discuss during the interview.

It seems that he had felt singled out and it had been  “because we are so successful around the world.” But this wasn’t the entire story. RIM’s beloved Co-CEO was scheduled to answer questions surrounding the release of the new PlayBook tablet and show off his enthusiasm and joy. That was not the case, however.

The interview was aired via the BBC Blog of Rory Cellan-Jones and can be viewed here.

All I know people really care about this close to launch is the PlayBook. Why the BBC felt it necessary to press on about really irrelevant matters is beyond me, but I am kind of liking the new media savvy approach RIM is taking here.

Source: The Wall Street Journal/Toronto Star