Review: Noreve Tradition Leather Flip Case for BlackBerry Passport


The BlackBerry Passport is a very strange phone, which makes creating a good case all the more difficult. Nonetheless, the folks at Noreve took on the challenge, and I tried their case out to see how they fared.

The Noreve Tradition leather flip case for the Passport is packed full of features – the version I was sent includes a kickstand, pockets for cash and cards, and a magnet that puts the phone in standby mode when you close it. It also allows access to all the buttons and ports, even when closed, while ensuring the speakers are unobstructed. The only addition I wish they had made is a view of the LED notification light, although this might have been difficult because of the location of the pockets. A flip-down version is available that allows you to see the LED, but it doesn’t have pockets or a kickstand.


The real appeal of this case, however, is the look and feel. Through the use of handcrafted leather and excellent stitching, this case just screams premium. There’s also an immense degree of customization when you order, with Noreve allowing you to select from 14 leather finishes and up to 12 different colours, depending on the finish. You can even choose from up to thirty-five different colours for the interior lining. To top it all off, the flip-down version can be ordered with a belt clip.


Such luxury comes at a price, however. The version I was sent will set you back about 55 Euros ($67, by today’s exchange rates), but if you select the right finish, you can spend nearly 155 Euros ($188).

So, is it worth it? Well, it certainly looks and feels the part. The fit and finish is excellent, as you’d expect from a high-end leather case. Moreover, everything feels very well-built and thought-out. The latch closing the case, the way the phone fits, and even the kickstand all feel rock-solid.


But it is worth keeping in mind one drawback – this case is very thick, adding to the already strange dimensions of the Passport. If you wear skinny jeans often, you’ll definitely have an issue pocketing this – but those with somewhat loose pants or a purse should be fine.


Once you’ve got the phone out of your pocket though, it’s quite usable. Although you can certainly feel the added thickness, it’s not much different than using the Passport normally – just make sure to fold back the flip-out part of the case. Having such a thick layer of material surrounding your phone might even help protect it if you ever happen to drop it, although I like the Passport too much to test this out.


In short, Noreve has another high-quality case on their hands. The price is certainly demanding, but you get exactly what you’re paying for. If you’re looking for a high-end case and don’t mind the added thickness, this is an excellent choice for your Passport. You can purchase the version I reviewed on Noreve’s website here, or the flip-down version here.