Review: Noreve Handcrafted BlackBerry Z10 Leather Cases


Noreve specializes in high end-high quality leather cases for mobile devices. Ranging from smartphones  laptops, cameras, tablets and more. Their hand crafted cases are manufactured in Saint Tropez, South Eastern France a little ways from Marseilles on the Mediterranean. They have a unique design aesthetic across a range of different leathers.

You may have never heard of this case company before but they are the real deal. With over 600k likes on FaceBook they have taken over through high quality network of retailers and adapting quickly to the latest and greatest in tech. Like the newly arrived BlackBerry Z10.

I had the pleasure of reviewing a smoking hot red version courtesy of BlackBerry Empire, and I can’t say enough nice things about the case. So let’s dive in.

The case is elegantly double packed. Inside there is a like-colored bag and inside it, the leather beauty. The case has two main parts. The back which holds the Z10 and the front which covers it. The two pieces are attached by a leather hinge  located at the bottom of the two parts. The back has all the appropriate openings; for data sync/charging and HDMI as well as exposed volume rockers and sleep/wake.


Having  used the case I find it does an great of job not only being attractive but protecting the phone all around. Really, only the top two corners are exposed. Whats nice is that below the leather there is still a rigid frame so that the case really feels like it’s hugging the Z10 while giving it a premium look and feel. It in no way feels loose or cheap, and the genuine leather smell really drives home the quality of the case.


 There’s a lot to like here. While I’m not a huge flip case fan, they have done right to make the front cover not encumber the device when in use. As you can see above,it tucks around back of the device very nicely. Noreve has several different leather textures and patterns, and also a slew of different colors and shades so you can really make the experience personal to your tastes.


This case does have a magnetic strip within the front face to put your phone to sleep when covered, which is a very nice addition. One that often goes overlooked on these premium cases. I believe you can also purchase models with built in clips for attaching to a belt, as well. One of my favorite tidbits is that the device has a top latch that hooks over top the Z10 and allows the front face to clamp down more securely over the screen, rather than merely rest over it like other clam shell design cases. This is very well engineered, as is the rest of the case, and just snaps together perfectly.

IMG_20130520At a price tag of 58.99 Euro or ~78 US$ the case comes in with a premium price tag. But because there is so much that goes into every case, the price is warranted  This case alone sports three different textures of leather giving it a one of  a kind look that really pops. I enjoy the bright red as it makes the phone easy to find if it were to get sucked into a couch. Embossed at the on the front at at the top right you can see the Noreve logo.

To view other angles you can check out the shots below, and if you want one of your own head to  Noreve to check out their Z10 cases.

IMG_20130511 IMG_20130515 IMG_20130512 IMG_20130518 IMG_20130519 IMG_20130523 IMG_20130526 IMG_20130527 IMG_20130524 IMG_20130525