REVIEW: Incipio’s [OVRMLD] with Holster for BlackBerry Z10



Happy Saturday Readers, I’m back to give you yet another Incipio Review. This time I bring you the Incipio BlackBerry Z-10 Headliner [OVRMLD] with Holster case. The case features two materials co-molded for durable protection and the hybrid design keeps the case slim yet well protected. This is one of Incipio’s high-end cases, but in my opinion the best I have been able to test out. I usually allow a week with a case to be able get the best information on it for our readers, but ill share a secret with you. I have had this case on for over a week and it is still the case of my choice from Incipio’s line up. Continue reading to see why.


As you can see from the picture above straight from Incipio’s Website the [OVRMLD] with Holster is a flexible hard-shell case that is very well protected without the added bulk you see from other cases. From the Rigid Plextonium frame to Impact resistant Flex2 O core this case keeps your Z-10 safe and sound when it comes to minor drops and dust protection. In addition to the case, it also comes with a cleaning cloth as well as a screen protector, now I was a never a big fan of screen protectors myself but this time I wanted to feel the full protection the [OVRMLD] case had to offer. Putting the on case is fairly easy, and the screen protector after wiping the phone with the provided cleaning cloth is done  much easier with the Incipio application card to prevent bubbles. Again it was my first time taking advantage of a screen protector, so there was minimal bubbling but I’m positive it was my inexperience in apply the protector. After that it was smooth sailing from the day I had this case on until the present.

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Now to details… The case as you can see custom fits your phone nicely. Easy access to all the ports and buttons, once concern I ran into was I was having difficulty with the aux input, as I use my phone for music while driving but this was concern was put to rest as all I had to do was put a little more pressure downward and it was able to pick up the music feed, so have no worries about that. The phone feels solid in my hands, it is hard-shell case yet it feels soft in your hands. My wife actually purchased this case in the color pink and has loved it since the day she bought it. The case also stood the “baby throw test” as my daughter had a chance of throwing it several times, from various heights and onto different flooring. Not one problem, my Z10 was very well protected and when removed the case, my BlackBerry Z10 was like new. The case handles impact very well. The reason why I liked this case so much is that I am a big fan of the Holster, any Holstered Case in general actually.



The holster for the [OVRMLD] is a good quality holster, it does have a swivel to move it in any direction that is comfortable for you to get your phone in and out. The phone itself is a little bit difficult to slide in, but this what makes sure the phone does slip off the case or anything along those lines, It can get a little redundant as you need to use a little extra force to slip the case into the holster but for me ultimate protection out weighs any difficulty in my opinion.

If you are anything like me and need your phone well protected, stylish (case available in black, white, pink, and grey) and very accessible for quick use of the device then this phone is up your alley. Protection is very important when it comes to these high-priced devices, and this case has my confidence in protection of my device. You can scoop up the [OVRMLD] with holster case for $39.99 (worth the low price) here. Or if you want to browse around Incipio’s website for other accessories you can do that at