Review and Giveaway: BlackBerry Q10 Defender Series by OtterBox


The Defender series by OtterBox is without a doubt its most rugged case in the lineup and arguably on the market. By now many have grown to know the Defender case while this may also be an introduction for some.  The Defender case for the Q10 offers supreme protection – maybe even a little too much for your needs but not to worry, OtterBox has an answer for those who wish for best in class protection without any compromises. Check below for full review.

otterbo defender q10

The Defender is one that is designed for users who spend most their time outside the office, many on the field others in transit. Its multi-layered case requires patience as getting your device into the case for the first few times is a process which calls for a few steps. In short, this case is composed of an outer slipshell cover which wraps around an inner, a two-piece plastic shell. Both components are lined with a self-stick screen protector that is laid on the screen protecting it of scratches and smudges. Due to its mechanics, regardless of phone placement position or accidents the Defender is built to withhold high impact falls and drops keeping your Berry safe from damage.


The Defender offers complete coverage all around with the outer slipshell full covering your top button and rocker keys. The ports to your connecting slots,MicroUSB/MicroHDMI are also covered with a flap which unplugs, giving you access to charge your Q10 and or hook it up to a large display via Micro HDMI. On its top the case has your headset jack port and mics opened free from disruption.

One thing you’ll want to have is patience when attempting to get the device into the case, especially the first step which involves setting the Q10 into the two-piece plastic shell. Before anything flip the case on its face and pay attention to its back. There are 7 release points you’ll need to carefully separate in order to open up the two-piece shell. The release points are highlighted with arrows pointing outward making the release points easy to locate. Once you are able to fit the Q10 into the inner shell snapping the shell back together is smooth making it a game of clicks.

otterrAlas, your Q10 is finally in the two-piece shell ready to be placed into the outer slipcover. While snapped in between the shell the device is protected with a top notch design, keeping the Q10  tightly secured. The inside of the case is lined with yet another layer of inner protection acting as a shock pad and keeping your device from sliding around, even tho it seems unlikely with it being tightly secured. Best of all, the inner layer keeps debris and particles from entering which tend to scratch and scuff the battery door to the device, Trust me, I’ve seen it happen to my own 9900 and was tragic to see a device ruined due to a poor designed case. Well not this one, trust me. If for whatever reason your case acts up you can always exchange it using Otter’s 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Use the protective plugs to quickly gain access to your USB ports.

Check below for case features.


  • Protective plugs cover the openings of the device to guard against build-up of dirt and debris
  • Complete access to all features and functions of the BlackBerry Q10 case
  • 1 year warranty

Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight: 4.43 oz. / 126.00 g
  • Dimensions (with holster): 5.20 in. x 3.30 in. x 1.40 in. / 130.80 mm x 83.20 mm x 34.60 mm
  • Dimensions (without holster): 5.10 in. x 3.10 in. x 0.70 in. / 130.40 mm x 77.70 mm x 17.00 mm

Environmental Protection:

Our Defender Series BlackBerry Q10 case provides added protection against drops, bumps and shocks but is NOT protective against water.




The raised lip protects your screen so if the Q10 accidentally slips out of your hands and lands on its face, the screen won’t be anywhere near in making contact with the surface it hits. Your keyboard will also be saved in the event it meets the floor keeping the device in mint condition.


The typing experience can be a different feeling as the raised lips allow the keyboard to feel sunk. The fretted QWERTY keyboard is designed for your fingers to glide across so the constraint can be an adjustment to some. Who knows, it might be enhancing for some while others will need time to adjust to something different.

With that, we turn to gestures. BlackBerry 10 is very intuitive where gesture swipes play a big role. My experience did not require adjustment as gesture swipes worked just fine with my touch. I had zero problems swiping in and out of apps and accessing the Hub.

q100 clip

With layers and layers of protection the Defender isn’t built to be slipping in and out of pockets. It’s rugged style calls for a holster – Free with your case purchase.  Use the holster to hang it off your belt or turn it into a kickstand with its dual purpose fabrication. One thing to note, the holster does not swivel so that also may be an adjustment, something time can fix.

That’s pretty much it for this review. If you have anymore questions address them over to me and I’ll get you answers. If not, head HERE to purchase the Defender for BlackBerry Q10 for only $49.95

Well wouldn’t you know, we’re minutes away from Independence Day here in Texas. To celebrate I’m going to give this case away to one lucky reader.

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