Receive and Send Money with PayPal Using BBM

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BlackBerry and PayPal have implemented the ability to send and receive money via PayPal directly through BBM. Once users connect their PayPal account to BBM, the PayPal icon will allow you to seamlessly send and receive money. As of now, the feature is available for users in Canada. Users in other regions will have access to the beta experience at later date. Melanie from BlackBerry interviewed  PayPal’s Director of Consumer Product Marketing, Matt Gromada, in regard to the collaboration. Read below for the interview.

Mel: Tell us about how PayPal on BBM works?

Matt: It’s really simple: select the PayPal “Send Money” icon in BBM and connect your PayPal account. You can start sending money to family and friends once they’ve also connected their PayPal accounts to BBM. From there, you’ll simply select the PayPal icon directly in BBM, enter in the amount of money, review the details, and hit send – that’s all it takes!

Mel: Do you need to have the PayPal app on your device to transfer money through BBM?

Matt: No, you do not have to have the PayPal app on your device to send money as the transfer happens through BBM

Mel: Why would someone use PayPal to send money through BBM?

Matt: Whether you’re paying a roommate back for rent or splitting dinner with friends, buying a group gift or sending your kid some spending money, sending money with PayPal through BBM is easy because it’s where your conversation is already happening. People don’t have to leave BBM to send a photo or file. So, why should they have to with money? – Pay and get paid in the moment, right in your BBM conversations, using your mobile device.

Mel: This beta is currently only available to select BBM users in Canada. What are the plans for other regions? Will it be available globally?

Matt: Yes, it will be. We are rolling out the beta experience starting with select users in Canada, with more countries to follow shortly. Stay tuned for details on the roll out.

Mel: Thanks so much, Matt. As a final question, we’re dying to know – who will be the first person you send money to once this is available in the U.S.?

Matt: I’m embarrassed – my friend Tracy and I chipped in on a baby gift for another friend, and I still haven’t paid her back. That’s definitely my first!

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Source: PayPal