QuickPost Update Hitting BlackBerry World Very Soon


QuickPost by FeedGuru Apps let it be known that an update should be arriving very soon in BlackBerry World. This new version,, brings new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

QuickPost includes the following:

New Features:
– Refreshed logo & icon design.
– Share TO QuickPost!  It is now possible to share once, and post everywhere! This is seamlessly integrated, so you can share without leaving what you’re doing.
– Share to WhatsApp!
– Quick Attach! Share a picture to multiple social networks!


– Now prompted if you try to post an empty message.


– Regression: If you have no networks selected, you will once again be prompted.
– Bug: Special and non-latin characters no longer result in question marks (full UTF-8 support).














I, personally haven’t used the app but judging from the overall response seeing as I’m not too heavy on posting (ironic, I know) Having used the Social Feeds app on BBOS 7, having an “All In One” app is very useful at times and I can really see the selling point with QuickPost. With the app now including the option to share right from the option menu and including WhatsApp as another platform to share to, it seems like a vast improvement from the current build.