QuickPost Update Adds Themes, History and More

QuickPost is an app available for BlackBerry 10 that lets you post messages and images across multiple social media accounts without the added stress of having to do it individually all from a web browser, especially when done on a mobile device.

A new update is now waiting for all of its users, ready to download from BlackBerry World.

You can view a full changelog for version of the app :

  • It’s now possible to use themes with the application. You can customize your QuickPost experience for just $1.99 (cost of each theme) by using them and collect over 25 of available themes to use from. More themes will be  added in the future according to the developer.
  • A history and re-post features have been implemented, giving users the ability to re-post, track, and draft while allowing the person to view a history. Therefore, you can go back and post the same thing again to different accounts, as well as see previous posts.
  • Redesigns have been made :
    • The welcome page has been redesigned (it now shows a quick overview of the best features).
    • The shop page has been redesigned (now has support for theme sales, as well as rotation sales).
    • The release notes page has been redesigned (adds streamlines to the General and Pro release notes).
  • Enhancements have been made to active frames (now displays a date, even on your home screen when the app is open).

If you are using the pro version of the app, you can view its new features below :

  • Weekly Theme Sales – every week, a different theme will be featured for sale at 99 cents (50% off its original price tag).
  • History Cloud Sync – you can let your history sync to the cloud between multiple devices.
  • Expanded History – you can now store up to three times the amount of history items  you could have stored before.

You can download QuickPost for BlackBerry 10 or its updated version straight from BlackBerry World here.