Put a New Spin on Your BlackBerry Phone with Carousel7 by Walker Themes


Walker Themes has released a new theme that will have your head spinning and the icons on your Blackberry rotating to your every whim. Carousel7 is a new theme for OS5 and OS6 phones that features a rotating ring of icons to help you navigate your BlackBerry without losing a track pad stroke.

Default screen of Carousel7

The theme is very simple really. It is small in size, displays all the needed info in the top banner, has the Clock shortcut and Manage Connection shortcut through the signal meter. There is room for 3 notification icons in the upper banner. But the beauty of this theme and the centerpiece of it all is the rotating ring of icons which is a permanent feature of the theme.

Carousel7 with user wallpaper

Since the theme does not include an OCD slot, I have used BerryWeather’s home screen wallpaper feature for some of my screen shots here. Then all that’s left to do is simply scroll your thumb over your track pad in a sideways motion…left and right…to access all your icons. They fly around effortlessly and you stop on the one you want front and center at the bottom.

Carousel7 with user wallpaper

Your menus are pure black with a bright blue highlight. Your focus icon is blue and your system fonts are all available according to your choices. All that’s left is to spin your way to happiness…or to the icon of your choice!

Carousel7 with user wallpaper

Twirl yourself around and scurry to the Mobihand store to snatch up a copy of Carousel7 by Walker Themes. Ring Walker has another winner here. Everything he creates has a touch of magic and this theme is no exception!

This theme is compatible with OS5 and OS6 and is available in pink and teal. (I used the teal version for my screen shots.)