Purchase the BlackBerry Passport in the UK, exclusive to Selfridges

Exclusive: BlackBerry Passport to Selfridges

Exclusive: BlackBerry Passport to Selfridges

The BlackBerry Passport officially launched yesterday, immediately ready to purchase via shopBlackBerry, Amazon and select carriers. In the UK, Selfridges has managed to grab the exclusive tag with the Passport (other than shopBlackBerry). For £529, the BlackBerry Passport can be yours to purchase from Selfridges in all stores across the UK 

This may be a more viable option for people wishing to purchase the BlackBerry Passport, since they have a walk-in store in London, Manchester, Birmingham and so on. It’s also the same price as it is on shopBlackBerry and you can “click and collect”, saving you that little bit of time. The exclusive to Selfridges tag might not last for long, UK mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse is reportedly prepping the Passport’s release tomorrow.

Passport price on Selfridges

It might even convince you to purchase the device from Selfridges since the Passport is out of stock on the UK section of shopBlackBerry.