Productivity Booster app “SoundScape” by ReFocus Tech now available for BlackBerry 10


The ReFocus Tech team have done it again! This time, their new app “SoundScape” serves as a producivity booster for you right on your BlackBerry 10 device. With over 18 different sounds you can mix, you can be in the perfect serene soundscape that you want. The aim of the app is to boost producivity in your day and strengthen your focus.

SoundScape Features:
  • Choose from over 18 sounds to play and add to a mix
  • One tap mute/unmute
  • Save your mix to play any time in the future
  • Set a timer for the current mix – User Interface and Experience designed to calm your environment

Pune, India (February 17, 2015) Today ReFocus Tech launches the application SoundScape for BlackBerry 10.

The app features 18 different sounds to choose from that can be mixed to create the ultimate serene soundscape you want. Some of the sounds are Forest, Rain, Waves, Guitar, Traffic and Piano.

The aim of the app is to improve focus and boost productivity.

About SoundScape:

SoundScape is an app that helps you improve your focus and boost your productivity. It is a background noise generator that helps you create the perfect environment for relaxing or working. Using SoundScape, you can drown out unwanted noises and soothe your mind. SoundScape provides you with the ability to mix different sounds, and save these mixes to be played later. You can even set a timer for how long to play the current sound mix.

SoundScape is available for all BlackBerry 10 device and can be yours for just $1.99/£1.50

Download/Purchase SoundScape – Background Sound Generator