Premium theme Focus by Xan will add elegance to your Blackberry + Giveaway!!

As I was looking for yet another theme to put on my  berry, I came across this little gem:  Focus by Xan!   I wasn’t sure how I missed it, but I’m glad I found it.  Focus is quite stunning.  A simple yet elegant theme that will add flair to your device.  With all the elements that you need in a theme including hidden dock, OCD slot, and wallpaper friendliness,  Focus will quickly become one of your favorite themes.   Plus,  I have 5 copies to giveaway!!  Read more to find out how..

Default home screen for Focus

Looking at the default screen, even the background that comes with it is awesome.  The cool blue with water drops looks stunning.   You may not even want to change wallpapers!   Featured in Focus is the android style clock that is so popular in today’s themes and this one has it’s own custom style to it.  There are three semi transparent  banners  in this theme which allow you to display all your favorite wallpapers.  You might think that the banners on the bottom left that hold the clock, date, battery and wifi signal might take away from the background, but instead I think it enhances it.  The notification bar at the top has plenty of room for all your notifications as well.    Focus has a hidden mini dock (0 to show and z to hide) with 6 icons which is also semi transparent so you can still see your wallpaper.   You can have your fave apps accessible to you on your home screen and still be able to see your wallpaper. Love it!

Application screen for Focus using 6.1 icons


Look it how well the background screen goes with the theme, again using the water drops found on the home screen wallpaper.   But this time it is in black so that all your icons will show crisp and clear. By the way,  Xan has incorporated the 6.1 icons as well, making this theme even better.

user selected wallpaper with dock shown


The OCD slot  which I use for my weather is on the bottom center of the screen next to the clock banner.   The above screen highlights what I mean about the banners being semi-transparent…they simply take on the look of the wallpaper and your home screen looks great!   For the hot key lovers out there, Focus has that too.  $ is for SMS,  # for Quicklaunch, click the signal meter at the top of your screen for manage connections, and the OCD slot will take you to that particular app.  The torch version also has a hidden today.


Home screen with user selected wallpaper


Xan has created a simple theme that is stylish and functional and looks beautiful with any background.  But wait…her talents do not end there.  Xan has also put together a Berryweather icon set and BatteryEx skin specifically to go with this theme!    Take a look at my screen shot above.  I’ve placed the weather on my home screen and the BatteryEx skin in the OCD slot.   The Battex matches the clock!  The BW icon set comes in various colors, so you can match them up to your favorite wallpaper!   The custom BW and Battex are both available at her site iHeartMyBB and iCandy Lounge.   Check out her sites for more Blackberry goodies as well!


Home screen with user selected wallpaper and Focus BW set


Focus has everything you could ask for in a theme.  I just love how it looks on my berry and I know I will be using it for a long time.  Very easy to use and functional, you will want to add it to your collection as well.   Xan is not only a very talented lady, but generous as well.  She has given us 5 copies to give to the first 5 people who comment here with why you would want this theme!  But don’t worry,  if you don’t win a copy,  Focus is priced at a great sale price of $.99 which you can get at the BBE Store and is available for the 9700/9650 and Torch OS6.  OS5 coming soon…go to the BBE Store and get your copy!  You will love it!