Pre-Register For The BlackBerry Q10 At Carphone Warehouse

Q10 Carphone Warehouse

For those of you who can’t wait for the Q10 Carphone Warehouse a UK based company has opened up pre-registration for the device. Carphone Warehouse ensures if you pre-register for the device they will contact you immediately once it is available.

BlackBerry Q10 description via Carphone Warehouse: The BlackBerry Q10 is a device that makes it easy to keep in touch with friends, family, work colleagues and everyone in-between. With features like the BlackBerry® Hub that let you access your messages and notifications from any screen and a camera that lets you turn back time with the Time Shift feature, it’s seriously advanced.

A reengineered smartphone.
BlackBerry® started from scratch when designing the BlackBerry® Q10, so its form is perfect for messaging. It’s also ergonomically sculpted to be easy to hold, type and use the touchscreen. The display itself is a glorious 3.1″ using Super AMOLED technology. This means the screen uses less power than competitors. It’s perfect for video watching and image viewing, and with 4G connectivity, the BlackBerry® Q10 has access to ultra fast internet speeds, so it’s great for web surfing too.

BlackBerry® Flow – making it easy to get from app to app.
The BlackBerry® Q10 is powered by the new BlackBerry® 10 software, so all the apps and features are designed to blend into each other. This is BlackBerry® Flow. To switch apps just swipe up on the screen from any program and you’ll get to all your open apps. They’ll appear in a cool tile arrangement, so you can pick the one you were using last. Sharing is also easy – just click share. There’s also the BlackBerry® Hub. This app collects all your messages, from emails to Facebook® updates, in one place. Swipe up and right to ‘Peek’ into the Hub to see what’s happening, and either respond or head straight back to what you were doing.

Brand new physical QWERTY keyboard.
BlackBerry® smartphones have become famous for their QWERTY keyboards, and this BlackBerry® Q10 is the next step up. Redesigned keys are easier to tap and give a satisfying click when pressed. The rest of the phone is also designed to make typing fast and comfortable, so you can fire off emails or BBM messages as fast as you can think.

Videos come to BBM™
Of course BBM™ is included on the BlackBerry® Q10 so you can chat to everyone with a BlackBerry® smartphone for free, but now you can turn on BBM™ video to talk face to face to your contacts. The front facing camera is perfect for HD video calls. There’s also the new Screen Share feature. This lets you show photos, your browser, a business document or anything else displaying on your Q10’s screen with your BBM™ contacts – even what your camera’s pointed at!

Advanced camera that winds time back and forth.
Flip over the BlackBerry® Q10 and you’ll see the 8MP camera. Great in bright conditions as well as low light ones, it makes taking great shots and sharing photos effortless. Now let’s talk about the Time Shift mode. The camera on the Q10 will capture shots milliseconds before and after you take a photo, letting you scroll back on individual faces to open people’s eyes or catch someone’s smile. You can even wind back whole photos, and then combine to get the perfect shot.

Perfect smartphone for play and work.
The BlackBerry® Q10 is a phone that solves the conundrum for business users of carrying a work phone and a personal phone. With the Q10, you don’t have to. The BlackBerry® Balance™ feature splits your phone into two modes, ‘Personal’ and ‘Work’. Each mode has separate apps, files and settings. So, shots from that party last night won’t appear in your Work gallery and work emails won’t pop up with your friend’s emails. It’s the same with apps. Work signs into LinkedIn, Personal signs into Facebook. Your Work mode also reflects security settings from your business like making your files secure or restricting access to certain websites. Want to switch between modes? Just swipe down in the app list.

If you’re looking for a smartphone that has all the advantages and features of an advanced touchscreen device, but also the advantages of a physical QWERTY keyboard, plus a great camera, 4G compatibility and advanced features for business users, the BlackBerry® Q10 is perfect.
For more information visit Carphone Warehouse.