PPC Google Ad Campaigns for Local Businesses: 4 Essential Tips

PPC Google Ad Campaigns for Local Businesses: 4 Essential Tips

Running pay-per-click ads through Google AdWords can be an effective way to attract customers to virtually any business. However, while certain general strategies always apply, such as monitoring the performance of your campaigns to identify the most valuable tactics, the specific strategies you may employ when running a PPC campaign with Google will depend on the nature of your business.

Perhaps you own a local business. If so, and you plan on launching a PPC ad campaign with Google AdWords to help your business grow, keep the following essential tips in mind:

Understand local keyword research

Many factors will determine which types of Google users see your ads. The keywords you use when developing them are among the most important factors.

You want to choose keywords that ensure your ads will be seen by users performing relevant Google searches. You specifically want to target users who are searching for the types of services you offer in your area.

Thus, if you haven’t yet learned how to conduct local keyword research, make a point of doing so. There are numerous guides on the subject. While reviewing them may take some time, in the long run, knowing how to choose the right keywords will optimize your return-on-investment.

Use targeting tools

This may be an obvious point, but it’s worth mentioning only because some marketers don’t know they can target users by location when planning Google AdWords PPC campaigns. Naturally, you want to target users in your service areas.

Use ad extensions

Google allows marketers to include “ad extensions” when creating ads. These are additional features of an ad that may appear (Google’s algorithm determines whether to show them or not when an ad runs) with your ads. They can allow a user to click on a link to call your business directly, send a user to specific pages on your site that may be relevant to their search, and more.

Make sure you’re using all the extensions that seem relevant to your business when running ads. According to Google, extensions tend to boost clickthrough rates.

Create ad groups based on individual cities

You naturally must consider your budget when running Google PPC ads. You can’t spend more than you can afford.

However, if you can justify doing so, it is highly-advisable to create multiple ad groups based on the individual cities you serve. If you operate in one large city, you might create ad groups based on neighborhoods.

This strategy is effective because it’s rooted in an understanding of the way people search for local businesses. For example, perhaps you own an office cleaning company serving businesses in northern New Jersey.

Northern New Jersey consists of many towns, cities, and several counties. A potential customer likely won’t search for a business like yours by Googling “office cleaning service northern New Jersey.” They’re more likely to search for “office cleaning service [insert city name].”

If you were to only focus on the general region of northern New Jersey when choosing keywords and developing ads, your chances of reaching a large number of leads will be slim. Yes, it’s more expensive to create multiple ad groups for multiple cities and similar locations, but the long-term rewards will likely justify the investment.

You also need to keep the basics in mind. These tips are particularly useful if you’re running a PPC campaign with Google AdWords to promote a local business. However, you still need to employ the tactics that apply to all campaigns, such as defining a target audience, A/B testing, and experimenting with different types of ads. Doing so will play a critical role in your business’ success!