Power Tools, Color LED Message, and Profile Changer Pro from Toysoft Development now on sale


For any of you that may have been on the fence about grabbing some apps that Toysoft Development has made for your BlackBerry 10 device then now be the perfect time, because they just placed 3 of them on sale. The sale will run starting today March 27th until April 3rd and include the apps Power Tools, Color LED Message, as well as Profile Changer Pro. Everyone loves a great sale so now is the perfect time to check these apps out.

Here’s a brief description of the apps that are on sale.

Power Tools

  • LED Support – BBM, BBM Contacts, WhatsApp, Blaq, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Missed Call and many others. Power Tools is the ONLY application that supports LED BBM Contacts.
  • Flip Hush to quickly silent your device – Perfect for meetings or any other time you may need the device to be silent is a hurry.
  • “The Wave” – Wave at the top of the BlackBerry to stop the LED and ringtone. Do not need to ever touch your device. Perfect if you are in the meeting.
  • Holster support – Change system sound profile when holstered and unholster.
  • Sound Profile – Schedule and manage system sound profiles. Turn system sound to vibrate or silent at nights, normal in the morning, set vibrate at the office, silent at church on Sundays, alerts off for weekly staff meeting etc… sound profile switching is automated.
  • Wallpaper – Set custom wallpaper on every minute, 5 minutes up to 8 hours, set time to change only daily, weekdays or weekly. Chose a picture folder to randomly or sequentially change pictures. The annoying toast message is no longer visible. Power Tools will not change wallpaper if you are using your device. It will delay the wallpaper change until the screen goes off. At odd times you will may still see the annoying message when you turn on the device but only odd times (like when your device goes to sleep and you wake it up instantly as the wallpaper is in the middle of changing it).

This is just a very small list of features that you can find in Power Tools so to see the full potential of this very power app or to purchase it head on over to BlackBerry World now, it’s only $1.99 (normally $3.99).


Color LED Message

  • Unleash the power of Color LED Message – Customize LED color of incoming call, SMS, email, email accounts, social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and others, no network signal,ringtone with repeating and vibrate.
  • Incoming and Missed Phone Calls – You can also assign a different LED color for all incoming and missed calls (With the current limited API you can only assign the same led to allincoming calls).
  • Blinking LED – Blink duration can be controlled for each contact. You can set the blinking number from 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 or forever until you can read or delete the message or manually turn off the led blinking in the application. The blinking led will automatically turn off when you read or delete the message.
  • Daily Timer Profile to turn off Tone and Vibrate – Color LED Message is the only LED application that has support for Timer Profiles. If you don’t want to be disturbed with a ringtone or vibrate you can turn on Daily Profile and set the Start and End times to turn off the ringtone and vibrate in Color LED Message. This is useful for meetings when you just need to see the blinking LED light and do not need to hear the tone. For bed time Daily Profile is a MUST if you want to have a good night sleep and don’t want to be distracted withall the incoming messages.
  • Social Accounts – Color LED Message supports Social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. When you receive a message from a social account you will first get a system Notification. Open the notification and read the message to assign a LED filter for that account. Individual contact is not supported until new API becomes available.

Again this is just a partial list of features for Color LED Message so to get all the details or to purchase it during this sale head on over to BlackBerry World now, it’s only $0.99 (normally $2.99).


Profile Changer Pro

Profile Changer Pro is designed specifically for BlackBerry 10. There are no longer any limitations when switching a sound profile like when the keyboard is locked, in the holster or password locked. Optionally you can set to turn on and off Bluetooth, change a Wallpaper and set a custom ringtone for a Profile. Profile Changer Pro supports many different types of profile switching.

  • Geofencing for version 2 only. This is the headless version. It uses GPS to change sound profile based on your current location.
  • Cell Tower – Change sound profile when you near a cell tower.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connection – When you connect and disconnect from device you can set a different sound profile.
  • Holster – Change a different sound profile when you holster and unholster.
  • Timed Profiles – This will switch the profile on the exact time during the day. You can set the timed profile to repeat daily or weekly.
  • Calendar Keyword – Set up a keyword in Profile Changer and then create a calendar appointment using the keyword in the subect or note field. Profile Changer will automatically create a new profile and will switch to the one you set up at the appointments start and end times.
  • One Time Profile – Set a profile to switch for a specific time period from 15 minutes to 8 hours. When the time is up Profile Changer will automatically change the profile back tothe last active profile. Very useful if you do not want to be disturbed.

With Profile Changer Pro you will never be embarrassed again when you have your BlackBerry Smartphone with you. If you just want a good night sleep without interruption or you just want to have a few hours of quiet time then you can count on Profile Changer Pro. To check out more info or to purchase Profile Changer Pro during this sale head on over to BlackBerry World now, it’s only $0.99 (normally $2.99).

As you can see all three of these apps are very useful for almost every BlackBerry user so be sure to get them while they are on sale. I have personally tried all three in the past and each one runs perfectly on my BlackBerry Z10 as well as the Q10. In fact Power Tools is my most used (and favorite) BlackBerry 10 app since it had all three of these apps and many many more all combined into one.