Power Tools by Toysoft Development updated – Now has ability to read Email and SMS aloud


For any of you that use the Power Tools app from Toysoft Development it’s time to head on over to BlackBerry World so you can grab the latest update. This update brings the app to version and we have the complete change log below for you. The developer has let us know that this is a pretty big update and it has some great new features included.


After you upgrade you may see two Power Tools icons on the Homescreen, please delete the old version if this happens. It would be better if you perform a backup of all the Power Tools files (within the app itself), then delete Power Tools, and then do the upgrade. Once the app is back on your device just use the restore feature and all the saved files will return.

The fixed list:

  • Fixed the cell signal LED – It was not starting up properly during resets, or when the network was turned on/off.
  • Fixed the Service signal LED when Bedside Mode is Off – The LED will not blink.
  • Fixed the Enable button on the Wallpaper changer – It wasn’t updating the change.
  • Fixed the problem when replying from the Message Block log screen – Sometimes when replying to a message the compose screen would not open.
  • Fixed the Delay Mail Send when you delete a delay send message from the Hub – Before the deleted message would be sent anyhow.
  • Fixed a language problem when viewing blocked message with localization.
  • Fixed the Message Blocker where some messages were blocked even though they weren’t on the block list.

Here’s the new stuff:

  • Added better Message Blocker support for non english language, which means you can block messages with your native language.
  • Added when you select a blocked email message from the Hub the subject and display name are now added to the block screen.
  • Added BlackBerry Passport keyboard scroll support – On most screens you can swipe up or down on the keyboard to scroll the listview.
  • Added support for BlackBerry OS 10.3 signature action item on the Toolbar.
  • Added Battery temperature warning and weather info for Pebble Watch.
  • Added Option to send Pebble message only when the device is locked in the Pebble setup screen.
  • Added menu keyboard shortcuts on the main screen for physical keyboard devices.
  • Added option in the Email setting screen to not block messages if the sender is in the contacts application.

  • Added new Speech icon – This allows you to have incoming text and email read aloud. Note: Not all languages are supported and the speech is experimental only.
  • Added Speak email message from the Hub when you Share with Power Tools – If The Wave is enabled you can wave to stop the speaking.
  • Added speaking to the following: Status report from the application menu, battery charging, low battery, and weather wallpaper.

As you can see that is a very nice update and the speech feature is a welcomed edition to an already great app (just remember it’s still experimental). I can now set my BlackBerry on my desk and never touch it unless there’s something I want to reply to. To grab the latest update just tap here.

For those of you that don’t have Power Tools already, what are you waiting on? The cost is only $4.99 and has so many different apps built into one. In fact, I was able to delete 7 or 8 other apps because Power Tools has the ability to do exactly what they were doing.