Check out Phone Tap – Call Recorder from Devcellent Solutions in BlackBerry World


Have you ever been is a situation where you needed to record a call, maybe an important business call or a friend needed to give you some directions but you didn’t have a pen around. Well our friends over at Devcellent Solutions have just released an app that’s perfect for these situations called, Phone Tap – Call Recorder which is available for BlackBerry 10 devices. With Phone Tap – Call Recorder you can easily record calls automatically or on demand, and using the app is very simple and secure. You can tag the recordings with colors and labels to keep them organized, even add notes for easy reference.

** ADDED BONUS: With Phone Tap’s voice recorder feature, taking voice notes or recording interviews is a breeze.

Check out all these great features:

  • Secured voice call recording
  • Record all phone calls automatically
  • Record calls on demand
  • Tag recordings with labels and colors
  • Filter recordings by tags
  • Record part of a call
  • Media key shortcut to start/stop record
  • Record voice notes from anywhere
  • Password protect app
  • Vibrate on record start/stop
  • AMR, WAV, and M4U format

Warning: Please record phone calls only when and how the law in your country or state permits.


If you are ready to check out Phone Tap – Call Recorder just head on over to BlackBerry World and download it now, it’s only $1.99.