Phazer by HedoneDesign adds simple elegance to your Blackberry

Themes. I love em. I’m thrilled that developers are making them even without Theme Builder for OS7. HedoneDesign is one of them. His latest is Phazer, a minimal theme based on the default UI, but enhanced with custom graphics, and a whole new icon set. A lot of people are quite happy with default style themes and like the way it navigates. With Phazer you get what you are used to in the UI, but with a fresh look. And the best part is that you don’t lose performance or functionality of your device.

Default Home Screen

The simple and elegant home screen is clean, and the default background it comes with is subtle, but goes quite well with the theme. Custom battery and signal meters, and a good sized clock are the main features of the smaller banner.

Custom Icon Set

I love these custom icons! Again, simple and elegant. Not flashy, which allows you to clearly see the app.

Wall Paper friendly

Phazer is very wall paper friendly, and runs quite smooth. It has a small file size so it won’t use up a lot of your resources. Every once in awhile I do like to use default themes, since let’s face it, they are simple to use. HedoneDesign has some of the best ones out there. If you favor the Blackberry 7 UI, then this one you must have..Get it from the BBE Store today! Available for most OS7 devices!

Phazer by HedoneDesign