Update:Path for BlackBerry announced, coming next year


CEO of Path, Dave Morin, announced on Indonesian TV that BlackBerry users should expect an app for Path next year.

Is it for BBOS devices? Is it for BlackBerry 10? Or both? We don’t know. However, CEO of Path, Dave Morin let it be known on live TV that whilst they’re committed to iOS and Android, they’ll be also committing to BlackBerry next year. I’m hoping this is as early as first quarter of 2014 and not any time later.

What really interested me was despite Path having let go of 20% of its workforce and their app popularity falling off, they seem to be committed to carrying on business by serving its key target audience: where people want Path the most and that’s right at Indonesia. (Sound sort of familiar?) One in every 5 Path users are from Indonesia, and BlackBerry has a reputation for being quite well off in terms of sales and popularity in the Asian continent, so why not provide the people the app they want on the most predominant smartphone maker in their region? Smart move.

It’s not clear whether or not the app will be for all type of BlackBerry devices, but it’s nice to know we have another app in the bag.

UPDATE: Just got an e-mail from Path PR. At this time there are no plans to develop for BlackBerry. As far as developing for BlackBerry next year, they MIGHT consider it.