Parental Controls on BlackBerry 10

For all you BlackBerry users that have children RIM has a nice built in feature that you may need. It’s called Parental Controls and it is built into the OS if you have a device that has OS7.1.
If you have a device that runs OS6 or OS7 then the Parental Control are available through BlackBerry World.
As you can see in the pics provided this nice feature will also carry over to BlackBerry 10. This is great for all you parents out there that want to keep a eye on what your children do with their BlackBerry.

In the Parental Controls you can restrict what the device can do. Here are some examples of what the feature:
– You can set what contacts can be called or sent a SMS.
– You can restrict access to what social media sites they can have on the device.
– Avoid the ability to install/uninstall app purchases.
– The ability to block the upload of videos to social media sites.
– Restrict internet access.
– even disable the device camera.

For parents that want to keep a close eye on their children this feature will take care of things for you. To have these features built into BlackBerry 10 makes it even better.