OS leaked for BlackBerry Passport, Z30, Classic and Leap


Another day, another leak. OS has leaked for BlackBerry devices such as the Z30, Classic, Passport and Leap

It was discovered that had been sent out to a small number of beta testers, it was only a matter of time before we would see these files appear for the masses to install. I’m aware that the Z30, Classic and Leap share the same upgrade files so consider this a leak for them devices too. These are the Upgrade BARs, Core OS and Radio Files, so if you know how to create an autoloader, you can do so.

Remember, this is a beta and should not be loaded onto your daily driver or should you expect the OS to be in fully working condition. Remember, BlackBerry nor BlackBerry Empire is responsible for whatever happens to your device when loading this OS. Once Autoloaders are created, I will update the post accordingly. 

It appears there’s an OS blocklist present on OS Once you install this on your device, you will not be able to downgrade to OS 10.3.1, just 10.2.2. or 10.3.2 and above. For those with a BlackBerry Classic or Leap, do not attempt to downgrade otherwise you will end up with a brick for a phone. The Autoloader link below should enable you to load OS back onto your Z30/Classic and Leap.

Upgrade Files

Download OS upgrade BARs for the BlackBerry Passport 

Z30 Apps, Core and Radio

Q10/Q5 Core and Radio



Z30, Classic, Leap Autoloader

Z10 STL100-2,3,4 Autoloader

Z10 STL100-1 Autoloader (Thanks to Usman on CB for the Z10 links)

Q10 Autoloader


Thanks to Deezy for the links! (C0040CD00)