Nexus App Shares Files Between PlayBooks

Directly sharing files such as pictures, music, videos and documents on a Wi-Fi network between BlackBerry PlayBooks is now possible using Nexus.   Allowing you to directly interface with one or more BlackBerry PlayBooks at the same time, without the need for a server, Nexus, by Mario McDonald, makes it possible to share these files quickly and easily.

The app is very easy to use, all that is required is for 2 or more PlayBooks to be on the same Wi-Fi network, and file sharing is simple and quick.  When Nexus is first started, the opportunity to name and save the PlayBook for identification is displayed, or it is possible to leave it with the provided identification.  Using the top swipe down menu, you can change your PlayBook name at any time.   I had setup Nexus on my wife’s PlayBook and my own, and both PlayBooks immediately detected each other, with a simple and clean user interface.

I did not test to see how many PlayBooks would be detectable, but there is no indication there is a limit, as long as they are all on the same network.  To connect and send a file to another PlayBook, it’s just a tap on the screen of the desired PlayBook to send to, and the native Files Manager on the PlayBook is displayed.  If a PlayBook appears red on the screen, it is because other users are sending files to each other, once they have completed their transfers, the status colour will return to normal, and it will be possible for the user to select them.

The “sender” just taps the PlayBook icon, and decides what type of file they wish to send to the other PlayBook, and it’s not limited to just one file.  Highlighting multiple files and sending is possible, and very quick, dependent on the size of the file.  I sent 10 songs in MP3 and MP4 format to my wife’s PlayBook, and it took roughly 3-4 minutes, I was honestly impressed with the speed, and how well the app performed.

When a request is made from the “sender”, the “receiver” must accept the file transfer or transfers.  With a non-intrusive sound notification (which can be turned off) the “receiver” is notified someone is trying to send them a file.  The “receiver” just has to accept, and the file transfer quickly begins.   Currently, the only way to prevent Nexus from going to sleep if transferring over a long period of time, is to plug the PlayBook into a power source, but  I noticed no lag, no hesitation, and once again, a simple, yet attractive user interface.

When the file transfer is complete, both PlayBooks produced a pleasant sound notification (once again, which could be turned off) . It appeared that either the PlayBook, or Nexus put the files in the correct locations, such as music in the music folder, documents in the documents folder, etc.

For the full process, the video is available here:

Click Here for Mobile Viewing

To transfer files, follow these easy steps:
1. Tap the icon of the person you wish to share with.
2. Choose a category such as pictures, then tap one or more of the files.
3. Once you have selected all of the files you wish to share, tap Open.
4. This will send a request to the other person, asking if they want to accept the files.
5. Once that person clicks Yes, the file transfer will start automatically.

Please Note: Nexus is designed to automatically connect to other BlackBerry® PlayBook™ on the local wireless network only. Devices such as proxies or firewalls may prevent devices from communicating, so it is always best to be connected to the same wireless network. A network that is broadcasting the same wireless name (SSID).

 It is to be noted, that you do have to purchase Nexus for every PlayBook that you wish to use the app on.  Currently, there is a trial version to give Nexus a go, but I highly recommend Nexus, as currently there is no file transfer capabilities available between PlayBook devices until now.

 To Download Nexus for Trial or Buy for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World Click Here
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