New Photo Shows BlackBerry Priv for Verizon

There are people out there who have been eagerly waiting for BlackBerry’s upcoming Android-powered smartphone, known as the BlackBerry Priv, and some have been wondering whether there will be one for Verizon or not.

Back in August, Evan Blass leaked that the smartphone will be available at four of the most popular US carriers, including Verizon. BlackBerry has already started accepting pre-orders for the device, however, there has been no official word from Verizon.

Over at Instagram, a user who goes by the name of Apertura64 has revealed a photo of his Priv running on the Verizon network. The photo can be viewed below and you can jump directly to the Instagram post here.

According to Apertura64, the phone will have no visible Verizon branding on the device itself. To top things off, we’re still in the dark about Verizon offering the BlackBerry Priv other than the leak from Blass months ago.