Namib Theme by Amekmani

Bringing the beauty of the Namib Desertin southern Africa to the BlackBerry Smartphone, Namib by Amekmani is now available through BlackBerry App World.  The developer, Oscar Mwanandimai, says,

I have lived next to a desert for the past 5 years but I’ve never been there. So I decided to bring a little of its sunshine to my pocket.

With a beautiful background, and screens that flow without lag or hesitation, it is clear that there has been a lot of thought put into the Namib theme.  There is a separate message screen, that displays incoming messages, and the traditional BlackBerry notification icons are replaced with an icon of the wildflowers that grow in the Namib desert.

The Namib theme features two menus, and settings with profiles, manage connections and options buttons.


In portrait mode on the Torch 9800, thought has been put into convenience with a settings button, a message button and access to managing connections at the bottom of the screen.  These convenience buttons are all touchscreen compatible, and a very nice feature.

To access all apps on the device, pressing the BlackBerry button will open the screen to show all available apps.  Gone are downloads, favourites and media that come with the default theme.

When using the track pad, or highlighting an app to be used, Namib Desert wildflowers surround the lower left corner of the the app that is to be selected.

Namib is a beautiful theme with vibrant colours that will certainly bring thoughts of warm, hot days. The theme is smooth when transitioning between different screens, and there was no lag experienced during testing of the theme.

Namib is available for devices 9700, 9780, 9650, 8900, 9300, 8520/8530, 9800 (OS5 – OS6) at BlackBerry App World for .99 .

Download Namib for BlackBerry Smartphones here.


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