MyOwnHotKeys – Create your own hotkeys for your BlackBerry Home Screen

This app gives you 80-100 fully customizable hotkeys all directly accessible from BlackBerry Home Screen.

Did you always wonder if you could change the default, mostly meaningless hot keys on your BlackBerry (like N for BlackBerry Messenger, V for Saved Messages, etc) with your own customisable, meaningful and easy to remember hot keys like the following:

M: Messages
M-M: Memopad
M-MM: Maps
M-MMM: Google Maps

If so, then get this application and start creating your own hotkeys.
Unlike the default hotkeys, your own created hotkeys don’t change from one BB model to the other.

These hotkeys can also launch your macro shortcuts in the ShortcutMe application.

After installing hide the icons you don’t need.

This app overrides most of the default hotkeys. However, some versions of BlackBerry OS doesn’t allow 5 out of 26 hotkeys to be redefined by this or any other application. For those hotkeys that can’t be redefined, you can still use double, triple and quadruple click hotkeys by simply clicking another key on the BlackBerry as your first click.


Get it via the BlackBerry Empire store