The Music and Video section on BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 has officially shutdown


As previously announced, the Video and Music section on BlackBerry World was pending shutdown on July 21st.

Soon after the announcement of BlackBerry and Amazon App Store deal, BlackBerry also announced the closure of the music and video section on BlackBerry World. If you open up BlackBerry World, you will notice the option to access either section is not there.


The music content was provided by 7Digital which we know they recently ported their Android app onto the store in replacement. If you had any music or video downloaded, there’s no need to worry as you can still download/watch them.

There isn’t long to go now for 10.3 to launch alongside the launch of the BlackBerry Passport. John Chen also reiterated that users running 10.2.1 (waiting for 10.3.1 on existing BlackBerry 10 devices) will also receive an update to accommodate the Amazon App Store alongside BlackBerry World. Until then, you can always purchase your multimedia content from any of these BlackBerry 10 apps:

HMV Digital