Let Your BlackBerry Bask in the AquaGlow of a Sparkling Theme by BerryGlowDesigns

Up and coming theme developer BerryGlowDesigns has released a new theme for BlackBerry phones called AquaGlow that features an eye-popping shade of cyan highlights and a graceful, swooping, hide-able icon dock on the home screen. Elegant, yet simple, the theme is exactly what I would expect from BGD: smooth, fast and sparkling.

Default home screen of AquaGlow

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The home screen tells it all for this theme. The bottom banner has a click able Profiles icon and also shows the name of your wi-fi to the right. The notification bar is also a shortcut that takes you to your Messages inbox. In the lower right hand corner is the OCD slot. Shown here is BeWeather, sold separately. You may turn the OCD on and off with  @/# (Alt P/Q).

AquaGlow with user wallpaper

In the upper banner, there are unique battery and signal meters, colored the same bright cyan of the theme highlights and focus icons. The signal meter is a shortcut to Manage Connections. A large clock graces the center of the upper banner. I have said before how much I enjoy larger clocks because of the ease of use. The clock is a shortcut to Clock options.

AquaGlow with user wallpaper and dock hidden

Here is a shot above of the home screen with the graceful dock hidden. Show and hide the 6 icon user-customizable dock with Space/ESC.

AquaGlow with user wallpaper

The full size icons are a bonus. So efficient and functional. The focus icon is the eye-candy color cyan. The dock as its own transparent banner behind itself, so when you press Space, the darker banner appears with the icons on top, like a wing of an eagle swooping down in flight. See if you can stop playing with Space/ESC to watch the dock…I dare you!

App screen of AquaGlow

The app screen pictured above is the same darker shade of teal as the original home screen wallpaper. The cyan focus icon pops on this background. The menus are opaque and are the same dark teal as the home screen wallpaper. The cyan highlight is a great contrast.

AquaGlow with user wallpaper

This is a long-awaited winner of a theme from BGD. Graceful, clean, quick and yet can be dressed up as elegantly as you wish with your own wallpapers. I love the transitions as they are smooth and fast. The colors are a welcomed change from the default blue. Let your BlackBerry phone enjoy the glow of a great theme…AquaGlow by BerryGlowDesigns.
Available at AppWorld and our BBE Mobihand store here for $4.99.

AquaGlow with user wallpaper