Let BerryGlowDeigns Put Your BlackBerry in the Pinque (& Inque)

BerryGlowDesigns has been busy creating two new themes to make your BlackBerry sparkle. Inque and Pinque are two very smooth and fast themes that feature  deep, rich colors, a peek-a-boo OCD slot, clock widget and animated icons.

Default home screen of Pinque

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The most obvious feature on each of the home screens is the battery meter at the bottom center of the screen. It will glow brighter or fade to yellow (on Pinque) and fade to red on Inque depending on the battery level. The icons on the fixed dock are user customizable. When chosen, the icons bounce.

Pinque with OCD slot

The clock widget contains a large, easily readable clock, date and profiles icon. The notification bar at the top center is a shortcut to your Messages Inbox. The signal meter is a shortcut to Manage Connections. To access the OCD slot that hides, scroll to the left past your last icon on the dock and the OCD slot pops in. It is number 10 on your app screen.


The accents in each theme match the colorful battery meters on the front. The app screen is a textured charcoal gray and the themes both use the white underlining as a focus icon. It is very easy to see which icon you are clicking on. The menus are a slightly transparent black and feature the deep, rich colors of fuschia for Pinque and blue-ish purple for Inque.

Inque with deep purple highlights

While the colors of Pinque are bright and sassy, I prefer the sultry Inque, with it’s dark purple appointments. Good thing I have so many purple wallpapers to use. And the theme is wallpaper-friendly; even though the clock widget is on the larger side, it is slightly transparent and your wallpaper can be seen behind it.


This is your lucky week! Inque and Pinque are both on sale at Mobihand for $0.99. Inque is available here at Mobihand and Pinque is available here.


BGD is an up and coming theme developer who is not afraid to try different or unusual things. The rich colors and the smoothness of this theme will win you over. If you want a theme with a little something different, download a copy of Pinque or Inque (or both) to brighten up your berry. The sliding OCD slot and the smooth fading transitions make these themes the go-to theme for you when you want something easy to navigate and pretty to look at.


Available for OS5 and OS6 on these models: 85xx, 89xx, 91xx, 93xx, 95xx, 96xx, 97xx & 9800.