Kristopher Alvarez at BlackBerry Jam Sessions SXSW 2012

BlackBerry Empire’s own Kris Alvarez (BlackBerry Empire Executive Editor) is being hosted at the BlackBerry Developers Booth and Jam Sessions at South By Southwest.  

Kris is reporting that BlackBerry has outdone itself this year, giving out great prizes, treating guests like royalty, and making BlackBerry lovers feel like family.

In between the open bar, bean bag chairs, general mayhem and fun Kris has been having at SXSW, he has reported he did have a chance to sit down with Alex Kinsella (Senior Public Relations and Social Media Manager at Research In Motion) and ask some of the questions that you requested.

Kris will be bringing a full report once he returns home and recovers from his hangover, and gets some much needed sleep.

Truly, there isn’t anything our writers won’t do for you, the BlackBerry Empire community.

BlackBerry Empire – Inspiring and Empowering Your Berry at SXSW.