John Chen prefers RIM name over BlackBerry, Q20 should be available Sept-October and more

John Chen MWC 2014

BlackBerry CEO John Chen sat down with Bloomberg in a video interview dishing out several personal thoughts, feedback and plans for BlackBerry. While there will not be a name change for BlackBerry, he was asked what were his thoughts on the name change from RIM to BlackBerry, at first he chose not to comment, then stated RIM was a name he would of preferred, personal preference, another issue from former BlackBerry’s CEO that Chen does not agree with, his biggest one of them all was cutting ties with BIS and their services fees.He touched based on the BlackBerry Q20, while he would like to have that device in the market today, it will not be available till September-October as BlackBerry is currently working on the UI making it the best of both worlds, having that BlackBerry 10 gestured base touch screen with the Bold 9900 modern trackpad usability, combining the two “takes time”.

He did hear about T-Mobile’s “leaked memo” and disagrees with the numbers, while stating there are no hard numbers or facts to back T-Mobile up he assumes they simply just are not true. A lot of already non-BlackBerry users traded their old BlackBerry devices while already being an Android user to buy another Android device, they simply did not “switch platforms” as T-Mobile leaked memo is trying to make it out to be, attacked BlackBerry once again.

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