Jingle All the Way comedy film – Day 2 BlackBerry Gift


Jingle All the Way comedy film becomes the day 2 giveaway gift from BlackBerry as BlackBerry announced they would be giving BlackBerry 10 users 25 Days of FREE Gifts in BlackBerry World starting December 1st and lasting until December 25th.

With it being December (2nd), BlackBerry decided to giveaway a Christmas film, the film description:

Christmas, It’s the most magical time of the year. High powered businessman Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger), is hard at work taking last-minute orders from customers to whom he just can’t say no, like his son, Jamie (Jake Lloyd), asking for the hottest action figure of the season — Turbo Man!

Unfortunately, Howard is facing one BIG problem: It’s Christmas Eve, and Turbo Man has been sold out since Thanksgiving! Howard’s down-to-the-wire trek to find Turbo Man quickly turns into an odyssey wilder than he could have ever imagined.

In the course of his seemingly endless Yuletide misadventures, he finds himself in a no-holds-barred fight-to-the-finish with a crazed postman named Myron (Sinbad), who is out to claim the last Turbo Man for his kid. It’s enough to scare away even the bravest of men. But to Howard, this is war — and he’s determined to win…no matter what!

As John mentioned in the previous post:
You only have 24 hours to download the app (movie in this case) that BlackBerry has chosen to give away that day so be sure to grab it as soon as possible. Also don’t forget to keep checking in with BlackBerry World everyday for your new gift.

We are now hearing reports of folks receiving a different movie or app, so please note these gifts may change for you depending on your region.

Head on over to BlackBerry World to receive your Day 2 Giveaway item.