IT Specialists, US Government Continue Strong Support for RIM



Despite negative publicity on Research In Motion, Ltd. (RIM) pertaining to market share, performance, and stock market projections, IT specialists and the US government seem to continue to have strong support for the company, and for the BlackBerry.  This was the general “take-away” of Gus Papageorgiou, analyst with Scotia Capital, from the BlackBerry Innovation Forum held last Tuesday in Toronto, Canada.

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Here are some highlights from Mr. Papageorgiou’s note, as published on the Financial Post:

“We had the opportunity to speak to RIM employees at the Forum and believe the company’s position within the U.S. government remains strong,” he said in a note.

He also noted that IT specialists at the event were also strong supportive of the BlackBerry — something that’s very important to RIM, because it provides a window to the level of corporations opting to use the BlackBerry in their work spaces.

“As it currently stands, the PlayBook is still the only tablet certified to be used by the U.S. government and from our discussions, it sounds like it is likely to stay that way for a while,” he said.

From the article, one can surmise that RIM has a lot going for them.  It is important that they not lose sight of these things,  keep forging ahead, and yes, deliver BlackBerry 10 as soon as possible.

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