iPhone keyboard maker Typo Products say BlackBerry’s patents are invalid and the company doesn’t own the concept of a keyboard

typo-keyboard-iphone-ryan-seacrestTypo Products LLC keeps fighting back with BlackBerry in what seems to be a back and forth battle between the two in regards to the Typo keyboard. BlackBerry tried to stop sales as they asked a California court to block sales in the U.S., Typo Products responded.

The company said BlackBerry’s patent claims are invalid, that it won’t suffer serious harm because its products aren’t selling that well anyway, and that it has focused on the enterprise market while Typo is targeting consumers.

“BlackBerry seeks a monopoly on keyboards for any device. Regretfully, however, small keyboards with nearly identical layouts as the one ‘claimed’ by BlackBerry have been around since the mid-1980s,” Typo said in its filing.

Source: PC Advisor