Insta10 by Nemory Studios renamed to Inst4gran in an all new update on Beta Zone


First it was Insta10, now it is Inst4gran. The native, third party Instagram client for BlackBerry 10 has received an update on BlackBerry Beta Zone, which includes the name change, new features and cosmetic changes.The app has been receiving updates mostly every night since it was launched not too long ago. The app version now sits on v0.1.400 and is moving along quite nicely.

The full changes include:

  • Rebranded from Insta10 to Inst4gran
  • New Icons
  • Improved U
  • Finally fixed HTML
  • Fixed Unreadable Mention & Hashtag Links
  • Changed default theme to Red

The upcoming features are also listed which are as follows:

  • Linked Accounts
  • Facebook registration
  • Changed Profile Picture

Known issues as of this latest version is only one which is not being able to open notifications when the Twitty (another Nemory Studios app) Beta is installed. Need not worry though, the developer is working on that.

If you want the latest and greatest from Nemory, go ahead on to BlackBerry Beta Zone and update Insta10 to Inst4gran. If you haven’t already joined the beta program, see if you’re lucky enough to be eligible.